Duct Tape for the Soul for September 11, 2014

Encouraging The Wrong Type Of Sex

Have you by any chance noticed that our society is awash in sex? It’s everywhere. Movies and magazines are full of it, so are ads of all sorts; you wouldn’t be shocked to see a crucifix being sold with a naked nun on the wrapper, would you? Businesses use half naked women to sell cars, clothes, even can openers! And you do know that porn is perhaps the biggest business on earth, next to groceries?

Now A huge part of the sexual imagery is pretty sleazy and dubious. It certainly isn’t beautiful, kind or lovingly erotic. Sleaze sells and sells well. What amazes me isn’t that we have all this sex visible, but that people actually expect teenagers to not notice, and to remain sexulally inert! How stupid are you people?! Teens are hard wired already to be crazy eager to get naked and discover sex, just from their biological and hormonal drives. You prod them with tons of this sexy stuff, you can forget your stupid “just say no” stuff!

Look, when you give into crazy puritanism, when you try to deny sex exists, refuse to teach and acknowledge the beautiful, the erotic and loving forms of sex, you doom society to the wicked, nasty stuff! Is that really what you want? If you don’t instruct your kids about the complexities of sex and human reproduction, their ignorant and foolish friends will! That gives you pregnant daughters: not smart! We were open about sex with our herd, gave them the x-rated advice and complete instruction. No pregnancies before twenty one for six girls and five boys. And it wasn’t because they were trying to act like nuns, either!


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