Duct Tape for the Soul for September 12, 2014

Ask Like You Mean It!

When you come upon people and ask, How are you? do you really mean it enough to listen or are you just offering mindless chatter? If you actually care and pay any decent sort of attention, you’ll be privy to all manner of clues. The dejected shrug, the weak, Oh, I’m getting by, the strained sigh, are all clues that things are not well on this person’s front line. Nobody wants to display their hurt and misery openly, especially to people who don’t give a crap!

If you just nod and move on to meaningless prattle about the weather, or some bit of gossip, you’ve just declared that you don’t give a crap either! Is that true, or are you missing out on being all you might be, as a decent, kind and loving person? Is it just strangers whom you pee on, or is this how you relate to family and friends alike?

You’d like people to care about your problems too, right? You give off your weak pleas too, hoping someone will show a modicum of interest. Guess what? You get a lot more of that when you show some decency first! This may shock you, but you get back from life pretty much what you put into it. You treat others like a feelingless rock, you’re going to be consigned to the rock pile too. It doesn’t have to be like that, but you have to have some spine, to make it happen in a better way.



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