Duct Tape for the Soul for September 16, 2014

Chores Have No Sex

In marriage or other relationship between two people, especially between those of the opposite sex, resist the tendency to divide the chores along “traditional” lines. Our ideas of what constitutes “woman’s work” or a “man’s job” are mostly old, outdated hooie. Chores have no intrinsic sex. Dividing them as if they did is a pretty good ticket to unhappiness and problems.

Chores are a necessity of life, a way to do the necessary acts of living. No man has ever died washing dishes, or cleaning a toilet, though many have claimed they might, as justification to avoid doing so. Men also lie about the size of their manhood on a regular basis, as most of you women know! But the ladies aren’t much more honest. Women can mow, plant and change tires too, although many would rather die than consider such.

You really need to be flexible and open to doing everything. There’s nothing more pathetic than seeing a guy wear three day old clothes because the wife is in the hospital a while. Ditto eating Spagettios unheated from a can. And you’d be super smart to make you kids learn to do every single chore in the homestead. Their future mate will thank you! We did that to all of ours, and had a lot of fun telling new brides that their new hubby did too know how to clean toilets, cook, clean and wash clothes! The girls all knew how to service cars, mow grass and shovel poop in the garden too, although none wanted to admit it. We took care of that oversight too!


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