Duct Tape for the Soul for September 17, 2014

You Need To Be Picked Up And Cuddled!

You’ve seen the small child, the toddler, standing on tippy-toes, arms reaching up. You don’t have to ask what they want, it’s quite obvious, even without the Up! Up! that oft accompanies it. They want simply to be picked up, hugged and cuddled. Only a miser refuses such an honest and innocent request.

But pity you, poor adult that you are. You have the same need, the same desire, wishing you too could be picked up and cuddled! Not much fun being a grown up, is it? Sorry, but only the small child gets this. You need to get filled up early in life with this sort of affection, since you’re size will put an end to it way sooner than you’d like.

Naturally, you can get hugged as an adult, just not picked up. It may not sooth the inner child completely, but it is better than nothing. You can get the naked hugs too, if you’ve got a willing partner, and that makes up for a lot! Still, nothing will ever equal what you had when you were a small child. If you’ve got kids, make sure you do all you can to give them this. You’d hate to spend your next life in a place where no one ever hugs another wouldn’t you? Just a suggestion.


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