Duct Tape for the Soul for September 18, 2014

There’s A Lot To Learn Out There

I am always shocked to meet people who have no interest in one thing or another. Really? I’m overwhelmed by all there is to know in the world! I went crazy in college, finding a zillion things of fascinating interest to delve into. Likely I never finished a degree due to my lack of focus as my staff guide suggested. I was at a university that offered over fifty thousand courses, and I wanted to take all of them!

So tell me, how do some of you manage to find your lack of interest in the world around you? Did someone beat your curiousity out of you at an early age? You’re living in a fascinatingly complex universe, that’s filled with questions, puzzles and mysteries. None of that captivates you? Instead, you’ll sit a nd watch reruns of crap on TV? Hmmmm.

I hate to sound critical, but you people born now in America are spoiled with opportunity that you’ve never had in all your previous lifetimes. You have amazing opportunity to learn and study, question and just explore. If you squander it now, don’t cry when you’re next a slave in a horrid, desperate place next life, where just finding dinner takes all your time. Stop walking through life bent over, like a slave. Look up, and see the richness all around you. You should at least want to explore your heart and God, seek to find love. Sinefeld isn’t all that urgent, in case you’re not sure.


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