Duct Tape for the Soul for September 19, 2014

Choose Wisely Or Suffer Accordingly

Having free will is a pretty nice thing, but it has it’s wicked aspect too. Lots of people are oblivious to it’s complexity and results, as they wander aimlessly through life. They hope God might punish the evil doer, but His system is more subtle and efficient than that! God doesn’t punish you or anyone else for being a turd and doing evil. The consequences of your evil choice do the ass beating, either now, or in lives to come!

Naturally most people hope their wicked choices will be over looked or forgiven. Nope. God will forgive you for being stupid or despicable, but He won’t make the consequences go away!  Not one single tearyeyed criminal has ever been freed from prison by Divine intervention, and none ever will be. Do the crime, do the time fits perfectly into Gods overall system of Karma and sel-inflicted punishment.

Even if you weasel out in this current life, you’ll find something appropriate waiting for your soul in the next. No one evades responsibility in God’s universe. You’d be really wise to think more deeply before you mouth off, and hurt someone, or do something wicked, shifty or plain evil.

Your soul is here to learn and evolve. It’s in a body with lots of sensitive nerve endings. Being stupid, making bad choices likely is gonna hurt, and quickly too! You don’t have to suffer under this marvelous system, however. You can be thoughtful, learn to make better choices and avoid pain and suffering right now. You can also avoid those five lifetimes as a poor crippled yak herder in some god forsaken, war torn hell hole too. Just a suggestion.


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