Duct Tape for the Soul for September, 20 & 21

You Need Others

Our national mythology venerates the visionary, the lonely pilgrim who has gone to carve a path through the wilderness all by themselves. In exploration, in commerce, in research, all these great accomplisment are believed to be the work of one brilliant and slightly deranged person. But honestly that’s a lie. Almost nothing gets done by the hands of a solitary human.

Lewis and Clark dragged a whole entourage along with them, on their long journey, who all contributed to the effort, and without whom they’d have perished in the native filled wilds. Edison employed a whole host of workers and assistants to do his zillion experiments. The men who built the railroads, steel mills and refineries all accomplished their dreams, by the sweat of untold thousands.

The point is this: dreams and visions are a dime a dozen. We have no lack of dreamers, of visionaries. What we have a lack of is practicle dreamers, who have the sense and ability to organize and motivate others, to make their dreams a reality.  We need people. Even building a small hut is easier with a helper or two. You need people in your life that you can aid in exchange for having their assistance when you need it. We evolved in small tribes, where primative people could labor together, for the common good. We haven’t found a better way of living. We may like to imagine ourselves as rugged individualists, but we’re pretty lousy at actually being such.


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