Duct Tape for the Soul for September 22, 2014

Bad Sex Is Evil

We’re obsessed with sex. Everyone wants more of it, if they’re normal and healthy. The problem comes from all they ways we manage to screw up such a simple act! There’s nothing wrong with sex at it’s fundamental level; it’s a wonderful, godly act. Nothing can be more uplifting and pleasurable than shared, consenting sex between two adults. But half the time, we aren’t at that level of interaction!

There’s the illicit sex with someone else’s partner for starters. Or the underaged ones. Lying, manipulating and getting someone drunk or drugged isn’t godly either! Turning sex into a sick, twisted session of violence and pain doesn’t cut it eather, no matter how agreeable two people might be. All you do is make a mockery of what sex is supposed to be.

But there’s another way you can turn sex into a godless event; doing a lousy job, and not pleasuring your partner. If they feel used and unfulfilled, you just engaged in ungodly sex! Look, if someone is willing to get naked with you and actually have sex with you, you owe them a decent effort. If you don’t know how to please a partner, learn! At least have the decency to ask what works for them, and make a sincere effort. There are people so inhibited that three weeks worth of sweaty effort will not do the job. They need some help and guidence, that may be beyond you. But you can at least be supportive and kind.


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