Duct Tape for the Soul for September 24, 2014

Really? You do this?

You’ve seen the parade of pathetic people on TV, displaying their dysfunction, sickness and misery, making a twisted spectacle of themselves just to have a moment of attention. They think this noteriety is equal to fame. How sad. But what about the rest of you, who sit entranced and laugh at their horrid lives? Your watching supports this train of sick human dysfunction, enables and encourages it.

How do you justify this exploitation of human tragedy? It’s bad enough that lots of you watch it, but many of you would be happy to get a shot at displaying your own misery too! You’d welcome a chance to be poked and prodded like a deformed crerature in a cage, just to have the attention. “Looky there, Vern, I got me and the old lady on the Springer show!” More exciting than winning a scolarship to Harvard, right?

You know, a society that makes displaying people’s pathetic problems and misery into a public display, isn’t a sound or healthy one. Godless? You bet, that too. Are you really that lacking in decency and class, or are you happy to troll the bottom of the toilet, for a few cheap laughs? Come on, it’s a fair question. You need to answer it honestly. Besides, God will ask the same question at the end, and while you can ignore me, He’s going to be a bit harder to blow off.


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