Duct Tape for the Soul for September 25, 2014

Battling Evil Is Indeed Your Business

In a world filled with evil, where large numbers of wicked fools are armed with all manner of weapons and means of death, destruction and oppression, there is NO place for pacifism! The unwillingness to fight evil, to destroy it makes you into an evil person, godless and foolish. Too many people have a half baked, pathetic idea that God wants you to offer no resistance to murders and jihadists, wants you to conduct a dialogue and try to understand them. Nonesense.

The parts of the Christian bible that hint at this foolishness are frankly wrong, tragecially so. God never once instructed anyone to overlook evil, to give the pervert, rapist, murderer, jihadist a pass. You were always commanded to know and battle evil. Why do you think you have the ability to discern good from evil, decency from perversion? The free choice to choose to oppose wickedness? You think you’re to sit on your butt and sing Kumbayah?

The entire ministry of Jesus was a call to resist the darkness, to battle against evil. Jesus was no “Christian”, he was a Jew, and a devoted one, who believed the writings and upheld Jewish law. That law was brutally unfriendly to evil doers and rapists, murders and wicked people of all sorts. God clearly despises evil. You were commanded to resist it! Are you, or are you trying to give it a hug? The world isn’t getting to be a friendlier place, in case you’ve not noticed. Barbarians are butchering in the name of a perverted religion. Will you fight this scourge, or sit helpless, until your head is lopped off? Maybe you should thing about that?


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