Duct Tape for the Soul for September 26, 2014

Why Are We Conserving The Idiots?

We go to a lot of effort and expense to keep people alive, who would otherwise exercise their free will, and remove themselves from the population.  Sorry if that sounds harsh, but have you tried to drive lately? Tell me an idiot removal program wouldn’t improve life! Now people are free to be idiots, uneducated fools, people just bursting with wrong, stupid or useless information.  Believing that aliens dictate our lives, that the world is really flat, that isn’t likely to get anyone hurt.

Ah, but there’s a lot of places where believing the wrong thing will be harmful or fatal. Say some kumquat head just “knows” they can fly like a bird. Bye bye idiot, when they jump off a tall building. Instead of allowing the herd to be thinned, we make people waste money putting fences on top of buildings, to “protect” the fools. Ditto the million warning stickers on ladders, to advise idiots not to put them on power lines. It’s insane!

Look, if an adult can’t be expected to not be a raving moron, why does society need to cling to them? Apparently idiots reproduce and raise more idiots, which is dragging society down. I’m not suggesting we have a death squad that goes looking for idiots to terminate, (although after driving on the highway, I’m not saying that’s a bad idea either), but how about we just let nature take its course, and let the people inclined to remove themselves do so.  Give that some thought, the next time you drive, or watch the news.


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