Duct Tape for the Soul for September 27, 2014

Ask What A Person’s Dreams Are, To Understand Them

You can learn a lot about why people are as they are, or why they have the life they have, if you know what sort of dreams they have. I’m not talking about night dreams either, but rather the goals and visions they possess, that we usually call dreams. You’d probaly not be all that shocked to find  that the person whose life is a complete train wreck has no dream! Oh, yes, lots and lots of time such is true.

Even more pathetic is the number who exist, clinging to failed dreams. Face it, at forty, and eighty pounds of flab, you aren’t playing pro sports; time to move on! Same for being a ballerina or an opera singer. Wanting to be Einstein when you’re a high school drop out is pretty futile too. But still, people cling. They stubbornly refuse to get with it and move past the old dreams.

Of course, this has wicked consequences. The worst is a simple one; not giving up the lost or failed dream makes it hard to honestly move on, and search for a real, doable dream! This isn’t rocket science! Yes, they make killer movies about people who hang on and keep working, but likely that’s not you. You’re more than likely on the road to ruin, because you won’t realistically evaluate your chances. I’m all for going the distance, but come on…few people are willing to do the heavy lifting necessary to accomplish that. Let it go, and find a new, worth while and doable dream. Your soul will thank you. It just will.


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