Duct Tape for the Soul for September 3, 2014

Choices, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

It’s a really good idea to think more deeply about the choices you make. Oh, sure, most of the zillion choices you make each day don’t amount to all that much. What to eat, when to go to bed; you’d likely not suffer much no matter what you choose on these sorts of garden variety ones.

But some of the ones you make without much thought can have wicked consequences. I’d like to say I ended up married to my ex wife, because she tended to show up with no panties on, but honestly, there’s probably more to it than that! Still, I wasn’t thinking all that well when I let her woo me either.

What really gets you in trouble are the choices you make regarding safety issues. All the people who stayed in New Orleans for Katrina either wanted a reason to drown, or just didn’t think about their choice to stay all that deeply. Ditto the people around Mt. Saint Helens, who stayed put, and got terminated! Driving drunk is never a sign of good decision making either, along with a thousand other stupid ways to get hurt or killed.

It’s a sad fact that people make lots of tragic decisions on their own. People like to blame God for their suffering, but that’s an evil cop out. You make the choice and suffer accordingly. That’s how the system works! You make really crappy decisions, and end up dead early, that’s cause for an unpleasant interview with God, and you might as well expect it. Think! You’re here to make choices, to help evolve your soul. Making lousy ones is just dumb. You may get some great inspiration for making better choices, when you do get fried, but if you get dead, that’s not helping. Ooops!


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