Duct Tape for the Soul for September 4, 2014

Get Up And Move!

Life is full of wicked and hard choices most times. One that comes up more often than in the past is this; should you move or stay put? A large part of our wonderful country is mired in failure and poverty, because all the once abundant jobs ended or moved away. Do you stay where you were born, or migrate where the prosperity is?

I’m a descendent of the great hillbilly migration of the nineteen thirties, where three million of the people in Appalachia moved north to work in the factories of Ohio and Michigan. My people moved in mass, tired of doing without. I’m descended from people who left France in seventeen fifty to come to the new world, for the same reason; opportunity.

The people who stayed behind are still scraping by, doing withoiut, now existing as wards of the state, since the jobs and money never returned to their homeland. As you might guess, I’d counsel anyone to roll up the tent and GO! You deserve better, and if you’ve got kids, they surely deserve better. Naturally, you’ll miss seeing the unmotivated relatives, but not for long. Trust me. I’ve moved acrossed the country twice wanting better opportunities than what was on the plate where I had been. We get christmas cards from all over, from all sorts of former friends and neighbors. I still ignore the unmotivated relatives. Sorry, I just do.


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