Duct Tape for the Soul for September 5, 2014

If You Aren’t Loved When You’re Broke, You Aren’t Loved At All!

Some of you might be shocked to know that you can’t buy someone’s love with fancy, expensive things. Judging by the number of you who try to do so, I’d guess that’s pretty likely. Fancy restaurants, trips to exotic places, lavish gifts, fancy things of all sorts; how many of you hand them out, hoping to impress someone into liking or staying with you?

The sad thing is, that many people are opportunists, who will hang around, only until you’re broke, and then, bye, bye, they disappear, taking the loot with them. Look, this is a bad strategy, simply because sooner or later, even the hugely rich go broke. If all you are is an ATM to someone, you lose the relationship as well as your credit rating.

Naturally, having nice things is pretty nice, and going and doing isn’t by itself evil. But if that’s all your relationship has to recommend it, you’re doomed! Good relationships are based on wanting one thing above all others; to share time with someone you care for. Sitting cuddled in old ratty flanels, watching reruns on TV is all a healthy relationship requires. Being together is what excites happy, grounded people, not five star restaurants and four star hotels! The chance to be together, maybe do some naughty touching, that is the grandest of ways to relate.  Do you do this, or are you looking for the big pay day!


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