Duct Tape for the Soul for September 6 & 7, 2014

Stop Saying I Can’t!

I have a herd of nice young people on Facebook as friends, and I really enjoy seeing their posts. Lots of drama, lots of craziness, sure, but some great, deep and thoughtful stuff too. What drives me crazy though, is the posting (mostly from teen girls), that is way beyond self effacing and down right wickedly defeatest.

“I’m ugly, dumb, klutzy, stupid, untalented, fat, useless, my boobs are too small, butts too big, I hate my eyes, hair, skin, looks, family friends life! And nobody loves me!” I see at least one post a day that is filled with put downs and self criticism. Dear God! It drives me crazy!

Now I raised six teen daughters, and got to hear some of this constantly from them. A lot of it was fishing for compliments, but some was deep and sincere self abuse. That all of them were much better than they regarded themselves drove me out of my mind! It’s bad enough if people you know put you down…why beat on yourself?! The bad thing about this is it becomes a habit. Care to guess how much being like that scares off the kind of people whom you’d want to attract?

Stop it! Don’t let it become a self destructive habit, and if it is, get the people you know to help beat your butt when you do it, so you’ll reform and quit! There will always be evil trolls out their to crap on you, even if you are a perfect, rich Goddess. Just don’t beg for more! Declaring your preceived faults just invites others to unload on you too. If your boobs are small, say nothing…eventually you’ll come across the guy who like small boobs. Same with any thing else you don’t like about yourself. Even if you’re dumb as a rock, be a nice, sweet, loving and kind rock. Someone will love you. Trust me, they will.


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