Duct Tape for the Soul for September 8,2014

Frankly You Suck Less Than The Celebrities

There’s an awful lot of people who worship and admire the divots in Hollywood. Considering what a horrid bunch of losers most of them are, with their tawdry affairs, addictions, rap sheets and snotty arrogance you’d be hard pressed to justify not driving over them with your car, if you had a shot at one of them! Their best possible claim to fame is supposed to be their acting ability or musical talent. Have you honestly looked at the crap they’re doing ? Not much justification for anything abouve abject contempt, is there?

Why do you venerate fools? People who pretend to be someone else, and mostly a fictional one at that! To do a decent job of “being” a real, historical figure does take a bit, but not many of those work out well either. You do realize that worshiping unimportant people was a hallmark of the final days of the Roman Empire, don’t you? When a society no longer pays attention to the doers, the brilliant ones who move and advance civilization, you’re pretty much on the road to hell.

Why don’t you forget the failures, and spend some of your energy admiring people you know…the ones working their way through school, working two jobs to support kids, after their useless spouse went south? People who volenteer and actually love and care for others? You know lots of thse very wonderfully ordinary people, who get no attention or acknowledgement for their efforts. Better yet, get off your ass and go help some of them. God isn’t giving you a gold star for giving even a glance at the godlerss denzions of fame and fortune. He’s a what are you doing that’s worhwhile sort of Divine being. You need to rememeber that.


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