Duct Tor the Soul for August 12, 2014

Less Showing Off, More Real Effort?

You’ll note a lot of people making noise about one cause of the other. The homeless, animals, poverty, victims of one sort or another. What you don’t see is much actual effort being expended, to actually help anyone. Waving a sign, passing around patitions doesn’t do all the much. When was the last time any of you gave a hungry person something to eat? Went and worked on an elderly person’s house? Helped some inner city kid actually learn something?

The truth is, faux care and sympathy are a lot easier than getting dirty actually doing something real. People love to parade their “social consciousness” around, and pat themselves on the back, about how wonderful they are for being concerned. Horse pucky. Not only are these people doing nothing of worth, they are being dishonest, in effect lying, to others and themselves.

Look, helping real people is messy. I worked a time at a detox unit, and one of my many tasks was scrubbing lice and bugs off of alcoholics, freshly pried from the gutter. Scrub down a naked human who hasn’t had a bath in a couple of months sometime, if you want to learn what care really entails!  Helping real people with real, tragic problems is not very much fun, but it gives you a deep appreation for many things, including how fortunate you are to be doing a lot better!

Something that bothers me even more than the faux concern is the level of disengenuousness people resort to, to maintain their fancy lifestyle. People keep right on, buying designer things, pretending that the sleazy assurances of “social consciousness” have any meaning. They don’t. The designer crap is still made in third world factories, by children and hungry adults, paid a pittance, and treated like slaves just like the junk at Wal Mart is.

Maybe some of you should rethink your priorities, or at least have the decency to shut up?


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