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The author of a published series of New Adult/Romance novels, Alora Kate is a busy writer! The mother of a three year old son, she works a part time job as well as doing cover designs and writing every spare second.

 I read everything; new adult, romance, suspense, paranormal. I also write most genre’s but at the moment only have new adult and romance ones published.

I just finished The Four Seasons Series and the release date for the final book is 07/20/15. Now I’m working on a Romance Suspense novel            I hope to release in August

The Four Seasons Series       Coming of Age/New Adult Romance

FINAL ebook cover book 1

Book 1: From Summer and Fall

Summer and Hannah are best friends; more like sisters if either, one was to be asked.

 Fall is Summer’s beloved but annoying older brother. Something has changed within the fun loving brother she used to know. Now only glimpses are seen and Summer would give anything to help the brother she loves find his way out of his own personal darkness and into the light.

 Tristan is Fall’s best friend and also the guy who makes Summers heart pound in a way that no one else has ever made her feel.

Hannah loves Fall; always has. Even his faults and flaws.

 Tristan and Fall are footballs stars on and off the field. Fall loves sex with as many girls willing to throw themselves into his bed.

 What happens when Hannah becomes one of Fall’s many? And when Tristan notices the one girl who has always been there on the sidelines, how will Summer cope?

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FINAL cover book 2Book 2:  Between Tristan and Hannah

Hannah’s unconditional love helps Fall talk about his painful past in an attempt to move forward. Old wounds are healing, but new uncertainty is looming for Hannah. Tristan told Summer a secret that he’s never told anyone and he knows she is struggling with believing him.

The story continues for Fall, Hannah, Summer and Tristan as they start new journeys of trust and relationships. They’ll be tested. Their bonds will either grow stronger or crumble under the pressure.

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FINAL cover book 3

Book 3:  A Chance With Spring

The moment Chance laid eyes on Spring; he knew she was the one for him. Spring on the other hand doesn’t, or maybe she’s just afraid of her true feelings for him. Chance wants more than anything for Spring to admit to herself she’s in love with him.

However, an old girlfriend of Chances shows up and things get a little out of control. How will Spring handle his ex-girlfriend coming back into his life? And why exactly is she back?

The Four Seasons series continue with: A Chance with Spring.

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FINAL cover book 3.5

Book 3.5:  A Wedding and a Proposal

A Wedding and a Proposal gives us an up close and personal view on the Four Seasons and the new chapters they are about to embark on, told from Fall and Summer’s POV. These scenes mix in with books 1-3 so you must read them first.


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AKate Winter cover

Book 4: Chasing Winter

Everyone has secrets but some are worse than others are. Some people are ashamed of their secrets. Some people are terrified of how others will react to their secrets. Chase and Winter both have secrets.

They both have demons and a past that haunts them. This is the final book in The Four Seasons series and we finally get to meet Winter and Chase. How will they deal when they learn about each other’s pasts? Will Chase still continue to chase Winter?


To be released July 20, 2015…be ready!

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