Hello to old and new friends alike!

Well, after months of hair pulling, (which is a lot harder than it should be due to having much less of it than I once did),  aggravation and effort, I finally have the website up and running, which I visualized four years ago! Thanks to the people at Register.com for your effort!

Now I’ve got to figure out how to run WordPress, to do all the bloging and posting of features that I’ve promised. This may take a bit, so be patient! (You should be reading one of my books anyway, to keep you occupied!). Don’t hesitate to e-mail me either: jack@jackbessie.com

Anyway, lots to do, so I’ll just give you a quick Bessie-ism to mull over:

*Behold! The new dawn brings forth the possibility that today something new might appear, different from the tiredness of yesterday’s experience.*

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