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Profile pic hard workJack is an award winning writer of many different genres and styles, having published  fifteen remarkable different novels and a book of humorous essays on teenagers. He has gravitated to mostly writing historic romance, fantasy romance and young adult/teen works, with at least forty planned for those genres over the next dozen years. The parent of five bio and six adopted children, Jack brings a certain understanding of life and a good bit of craziness to his craft! A fanatic reader, who’s friends cover all political, ethnic and religious categories, he is endlessly fascinated with the human condition, and his passion for history and ancient civilizations informs his writing deeply. Below you’ll find a list of his books, from most recent published on back, interspersed with snippets and samples from several of them!

Brand new! 

Coming of Age/Young Adult

Maria Lynn Sanchez discovered an intense liking for elves when she was left on one of their worlds by a strange man called a Wanderer. Terrified at first, shy and unwilling to be bare with the elves when they played in the village pond, the elves worked tirelessly to get her past her shyness and to be open about her miserable past life. Discovering that she was a Princess, on a far off word called Pameiru, she had to risk a dangerous journey, accompanied by her elf friends, just to discover what her life as a princess might be. Wild beasts, dragons and almost falling to her death made her less than thrilled to hear what her father had to say. Acting like a naughty elf, riding a unicorn bare, caused her bottom much pain, and made her wonder what she had been thinking, to even come there…. Perhaps being a Princess wasn’t worth the bother?

A touching journey to find where she belongs and how she’ll be loved.

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Cat House Cover


Wyoming in 1873 was a wild place, and it got worse when a conniving rich rancher conspired to take the local whorehouse from the Madame, Miss Kitty. Sheriff Brent Hendricks, her frequent bedmate, is forced to choose between the law and his favorite female. In addition to the normal doings of scruffy desperados and rustlers, a strike by Kitty’s whores threatens to ignite a war! Can Brent spare Kitty a tragic end? You’ll be dying to see what frontier justice and two dozen naughty whores can do!

 A steamy look at life on the frontier, as an amazing collection of humans struggle to get by and find life and love in a dusty and dubious town. The hard life of the women stuck being whores, while dreaming of finding that one special man who will carry them away from their present fate, will give you a reason to understand that life now days isn’t so bad! This is a deep and touching story of life, romance and the trials of existing in the old west!

Exciting Historic Western Romance.  Read a large sample here:


   Elisa Deibelman wanted to be just an ordinary girl. Unfortunately, she was the daughter of a wizard. It was hard enough being accepted in school as a teen, without magic! Elisa was already frustrated, when something wicked occurred and she discovered she was the target of a sorcerer, and not a good one either! Could her sister Missy and a sorcerer girl named Tara save her butt from an evil fate?   Magic and sorcery filled Young Adult Adventure. Read a large sample here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/538354




Elvin P Cover Bk1   Rasten knew he had an odd name, but no idea why. Only when he was 21 did an Elvin Princess arrive, to take him to his fathers world. Half Elvin, the son of a renowned warrior/sage, he found learning the craft almost as hard as avoiding the luscious Elvin females, who all wanted him or his child! Battling the barbarians would seem easier, at least until he confronted their Princess… A sexy Elvin Romantic Fantasy Saga. This is book one of three!  Read a large sample here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/507613




Tof Faerie new cover Megan wanted to be a simple Irish girl. Instead, she had been abused all her childhood for her “Faerie” looks.  At 15, she dared to seek the land of Faerie, wanting to see the Queen, and gain her insight regarding whom she might marry. The Queen, obeying God in ways unknown to Megan kept her a season in Faerie. Returned home, marked and with the ability to heal, her life becomes even more amazing!  A deep, romantic/coming of age/faith filled Young Adult novel. Go here to read a large sample: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/489964




PRIVATE CRUSADE NEW COVERA tale of Dark Ages French life, where an evil Duke and his even more evil heir oppress and brutalize their people. When an ex-Templar knight arrives, none are more excited that the Duke’s neglected young wife, and his sexy 15 year old daughter. Perhaps Sir Andre might stay a while and rearrange some things? A wicked bit of plotting, desire and castle intrigue. Unabashedly flirty and romantic!  13th century Historic Romance.  Go here to read a large sample: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/489976

Snippet of: A Private Crusade    

 **“Absolutely not!” the young woman, whom Andre had just spied, and guessed to be Lady Katerine shrieked at a frustrated servant girl. “You can’t possibly expect me to wear that when I meet the knight!” she loudly continued on.

“But, milady…you…” the servant managed to say, before being interrupted again by Lady Katerine. That the lady’s back was to Andre, and the knight who was giving him a brief tour of the castle, was plainly noted by the poor girl, who might have  wished to advise her mistress of what an ass she was making of herself, but was denied.

“Emmia! You know better than to interrupt me when I’m speaking!”

Looking down contritely, she mumbled, “Yes Milady,” before looking back up, her eyes gleaming mischievously. “I’m sure what you’re wearing now might suffice, especially sense he’s standing behind you!” she triumphantly declared, utterly thrilled to get the chance to observe her difficult mistress suffer the embarrassment she had so richly earned.

“I don’t appreciate being teased either, or having you toy with me!” Katerine hotly declared.

“Oh, I can assure the Lady that her servant is not the least inclined to be teasing her!” Andre declared. The shocked look on Katerine’s face delighted Emmia no end. Spinning around, the Lady’s mouth seemed in danger of being stuck open.

“Sir Andre Eleys de Toulouse, at your service, my dear noblewoman. I presume you are the Lady Katerine?” he asked, as suave and calm as one might imagine.

“I’ll put this in your room, milady!” Emmia whispered, breathless and eager to depart, before her mistress could note the overpowering grin on her face; she was clearly pleased to see Katerine in such a well deserved predicament.**


Stately Aff. new cover Elayne is the daughter of a duke. Becoming involved with a rake like Kelby, seducing him, causes her much embarrassment and regret, when he tells her father, and gains her hand! Having thought to merely play with him, she suddenly finds herself desperately needing him, when she’s abducted by wicked thieves, twice! Perhaps Elayne might discover what love truly is, if she can stay alive long enough! From the manor house to the slums of London, a sexy, tense 18th century tale of Regency Historic Romance.  To read a large sample, go here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/393609



Jealous one New Cover Mark Rubin has a heart attack, and a Near Death Experience. Having to choose to accept his guardian angel, transformed into a cute woman, or to be done with this life, he says yes, forgetting he has a wife! Caroline has no desire to share him with Selena, his new companion, and she’s tormented by her own naughty secrets and guilt! What was God thinking?! The answer will set your socks on fire!   Romantic Angel Fantasy. To read a large sample, go here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/394927




  Snippet of The Jealous One: 

**When she was back in the recliner, Caroline asked for more to drink, and when Selena appeared with a glass, she asked another question. “What does my guardian think of me?” she asked, and was delighted to see how quickly Selena blushed.

“She, uh…has…I mean…she…thinks…well, she used to think you were pretty…interesting! Of course, I have no idea what she thinks of your…behavior now!” Selena tried to dance around the question, but Caroline noted this smugly.

“You make a terrible liar! Tell me the truth!” she insisted. Selena rolled her eyes and shrugged, glancing heavenward apologetically.

“When you were young…after you met Mark…we both thought you were…such a naughty little slut!” Selena sighed.

“You disapproved?” Caroline demanded. Selena sighed even more strongly.

“Maybe yours did a little…but I was…jealous,” she admitted, her voice tiny. She covered her face with her hands, to hide her intense blush. “I wanted to be a girl, and get screwed just like you were getting!” she confessed. Caroline was astounded by this pronouncement.

“Some angel! I bet God just loved that!” Caroline declared, clearly disapproving.

Selena grinned wickedly. “Well, now, just where is my naughty little butt currently residing at?” she asked, pointedly, as Caroline’s mouth dropped open.**


sn NEW COVER   Lydia Lucero is a Siskatorini, a shape changer, 26 and crazy with her urges for a mate. She finds the perfect one, Paul, but he’s a lost one, raised with no knowledge of his nature or abilities. Worse, Lydia must deal with the fact that he has a wife and children. Desperate, her guilt at being the wicked other woman makes her miserable. Teaching him his secret nature turns out to be the easy part!  Sexy Shape changer Romance. To read a sample go here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/394919





Jake Harper New Cover The story of a dubious bounty hunter and slave catcher, living a century from now, after the collapse of civilization. Catching a cute girl of fifteen, an escaped slave, he labors to return her to her old home, only to have to rescue her from her father! Elena wears down Jake’s reluctance, and motivates him to fight the slavers. Elena’s urge to stay a virgin gets worn down too, with sexy results. A sexy Post-apocalyptic Romance tale, set in a future none would be eager to experience! To read a large sample, go here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/394923




    Gold Medal Winner of the Global eBook Awards: Best Faith/Religious Fiction for 2015!     

Amgel's Punishment new cover Long ago the angels rebelled, and were made to choose their punishment. Kythoran choose to be human, to learn why human love had been denied them. He resisted his instruction, until at last God gave him Millie, a soul who had committed suicide, commanding him to love and heal her. Cute, flirty, irresistible and sexy, filled with the steamy sexiness of Eve, he is doomed to learn the hard way more about love than he ever thought to know, and why Be careful what you wish for, is one of God’s most overlooked commandments! 100% sexy Angel Fantasy Romance. To read a sample, go here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/394913






SW dig cover Shaman's calling YA NATIVE    Gwen is a mess! A moody teen, she moves across the road from Buffy and Moon, Native Sioux, working to become medicine men like their father. Buffy instantly attaches herself, eager to help. Taking Gwen to the Spirit Realm, they discover that Gwen was once a shaman, and has crazy abilities! Astounded by this, Buffy suffers much, for sticking her nose in Gwen’s affairs! Getting lost in the Dark Realm, being jealous of Gwen and Moon, turn her understanding of herself upside down! Serious Native Teen/Young Adult Adventure! To read a sample go here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/393610    




      Kaniya's Vision new cover      The story of a native American woman, college educated, living with her teen daughter Kayah among the whites, homesick for her native life. When she has a vision, which calls her to undertake a difficult and embarrassing ordeal, she finds her and her child’s lives turned upside down. To complicate things more, Kahya falls madly for Tim Howard, a native child being raised by fundamentalist white parents! Tim’s awakening desire to know his native origins, to become a medicine man, clashes with his parents Christian views quite astoundingly.     A powerful story of finding your true place in life, and understanding not just your own needs, but the Great Spirit’s will for your life.  To read a sample go here:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/395317


DT new cover    The first book of at least a three book saga, set in a Mayan village 1000 years ago. Two teens, Tark, a young man of fifteen, and Nara, the thirteen year old daughter of the village elder, surrender to their forbidden desires, and must suffer the consequences of their choice. A timeless story of first love, and the lure of awakening sexual desire, it examines the lives of our primitive ancestors in a deep and compelling way. Sad, some times funny, with joy alternating with utter terror, the teens try to make society bend to their will, rather than submitting to society’s traditional dictates, with disastrous results. To read a sample, go here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/395323


Failure of Judgment New Cover   Rebecca Meyer-Owens is a divorced, Jewish attorney. An east coast, snobby public defender, transplanted to Arkansas, she and her nine year old daughter are abducted by a hillbilly convict she had freed from prison. Taken to a remote hunting cabin, she is raped and forced to confront her many failings in life. Tom Hoskin’s a wickedly insightful and dishonest ne’er do well, shines a rather unpleasant light on her empty life, her lack of love and her own lies, leaving her pregnant and contemplating God in new ways when he frees her by killing himself. Opposed at the deepest personal level to abortion, she has to face decisions no woman would volunteer for.  To read a sample, go here:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/394907


Makeshift Justice   Mario LaCone is an aging detective, plagued by strange dreams, and scared by the long ago murder of his young wife. When he starts trying to solve the abduction of two girls, his adversary is too smart, it seems, to yield to Mario’s efforts and is soon understood to be a serial killer. When the one who calls himself Vali,  after the Norse god of retribution, snatches Mario’s grand daughter, the case takes on even more urgency. A wicked, twisted thriller!  To read a sample, go here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/394898