Samples of Books I’ve Started

I don’t know about other authors, but I’ve got almost twenty new books started! I’ve put the first two to six chapters of several in the backs of all my published books, and have more I’ve not revealed yet. I decided to put some them here in the blog to give people a chance to take a peek, even though I won’t get most finished for a while. Look them over, and email me your thoughts. The more people seem enthused by one or the other, the more inclined I’ll be to get busy and finish it! I do want my fans to be happy!

The following is a list of them, and what genre they’d fall into!

***Please note: My teen books are written for teens and young adults. They contain no nasty language or sex, and are appropriate for any age reader. You can give them with no worry, as gifts for any teen. My other books, detective, romance, fantasy etc. are written for adults and get quite sexual and slutty at times. They aren’t intended for kids or adults who faint upon encountering the “F” word either. Real people do use lots of wicked language, and my books are nothing if not real.  In the book section of my website,(click here to go there),  I give good warning about contents, so no one should be shocked.

1. To Claim the Elvin Princess: Warrior     Romantic Elvin Fantasy (Book 2 of a 3 part saga)

2. Quadurne: Dwindling Magic         Teen/Young Adult adventure/fantasy (the first of a 5 book series)

3. Dirty Secrets           Contemporary Romance

4. To Fall In Rome      3 rd century  Historic Romance

5. The Shaman’s Trouble    Teen/Young Adult Adventure (the second Buffy and Gwen book)

6. Nara’s Journey     Mayan Saga (the second of the Tribesman series)

7. The Devil’s Maiden   Literary/historic

8. Misdirected Justice   Crime/detective/serial killer  (the second Mario LaCone book)

9. His Father’s Keeper   Contemporary Romance

10. Wing Leader: Captive   Otherworld Fantasy romance

11. Maria’s Quest    Young Adult/Teen adventure

Send your comments and thoughts to me at:  and ask to be notified when any of them are released!