His Father’s Keeper


After his loud and long argument with his lead foreman, Roy, Wayne had been so upset and aggravated that he’d accomplished nothing during the balance of his day. Everyone in the office had been shocked by his outburst, and had basically hidden, trying to avoid him, which had done nothing to improve his mood.

Bunch of fucking cowards! Is this what I’ve got to work with? They’re fine with me being quiet, and saying nothing, until I get so hacked off I blow up, then they slither around? Fuck ‘em! he thought, disgusted.

His mood merely got progressively worse, until he finally gave up, and left. As he headed out the door, Elaine called to him, “Leaving early?” Wayne stopped, turning quickly, prepared to say something viciously snide and scathing, yet seeing Elaine’s bright eyes, and her small smile blossom into a warm grin he hesitated.

“It’s been a bad day! You need to relax…have a drink and let it go,” she suggested smoothly.  Wayne stared several long moments, before nodding slightly.

“Maybe you’re right…” he sighed.

“Just don’t drink alone!” she cautioned, “that leads to trouble!” she advised, smiling wickedly.

“I don’t think my wife will be all that inclined to come drinking with me,” he suggested, sure he was correct.

“That’s too bad…where do you like to go?” she asked, sitting with her hands under her chin, and her elbows on her desk.

“Used to go over to Harry’s Place…watch sports and have a beer…haven’t done that for ages,” he admitted.

“Maybe you should go there….someone might just drop in, to drink with you!” she purred, sounding a bit suggestive.

Wayne considered this, finally nodded. “Maybe you’re right,” he agreed, not really focusing on Elaine’s subtle hint. He said goodbye, and departed, oblivious to Elaine’s huge grin.

At home, it took little to reawaken his sour mood, which had slightly subsided, after his conversation with Elaine, and his drive home.

“You look pissy!” his wife declared when he walked in.

“I told Roy to get the fuck out today!” he yelled, all his upset rushing back.

“Why?!” Connie demanded. “That was stupid wasn’t it? He’s the best foreman you’ve got!”

“He’s also the biggest asshole, and he thinks he runs the fucking company! I’m sick of him doing what he pleases! And I told him so. Either he works for me, or he can work someplace else!! Fuck him!” Wayne loudly yelled.

“But…” Connie began, but her husband cut her off.

“The same goes for you too! Either get on my side, or hit the road! I’m tired of your shit too!!” he screamed. Wayne turned, and headed to the bedroom, to change clothes, leaving Connie standing, shocked speechless.

When he reappeared, wearing jeans and a comfortable sports shirt, heading for the door, Connie was still disconcerted, but was also puzzled.

“You’re going someplace?” she asked.

“To the bar…don’t wait up! Maybe I’ll get lucky and run into a friggin’ tree on my way back!” he declared, and slammed the door, not even looking back, to see his wife’s terrified face.


Wayne had been perched on a tall chair, at a small table, drinking and trying to get enthused about a baseball game on the nearest TV, when he felt a small hand touch his back, He whipped around, to find Elaine standing close, smiling smugly.

“Naughty boy! I told you drinking alone is bad!” she purred, her voice barely above a whisper. She giggled, as she hung her purse under the table on a hook, before sliding her bottom onto a chair. Wayne was astounded, remembering what she had said before he left work.

“You were serious?” he asked, almost sounding shocked. Seeing her head tilted, puzzled, he added, “About someone coming to drink with me!” Elaine laughed.

“Men don’t listen to a thing we say…do they?!” she suggested, as a waitress arrived to take her order. When they were again alone, Wayne grinned.

“Apparently not. So tell me, why would you want to drink with a grumpy old fart like me?”

“Job security?” she teased. “I don’t see anyone else volunteering to let you cry on their shoulder!”

Wayne sat, mouth open. “You…think that’s what I need?” he asked.

“Among other things…you’re not really all that happy with life, are you?” she asked slyly, raising her brows.

His mouth again dropped open. “How old are you?” he asked suddenly, amazed at her acuity.

“Old enough to be legal?” she suggested, and laughed. She looked at her drink, before glancing back at him. “I’m twenty eight,” she admitted. “Is that important?”

Wayne shook his head. “I just…it seems…that was pretty perceptive! I hate my life! I wouldn’t expect someone young to pick up on that,” he sighed.

“That’s funny!” she suggested.

“How so?”

“You’re like…carrying around a billboard, that just declares your misery!” she said and laughed. “Is it just work?” she wondered, looking thoughtful.

Wayne shrugged. “No…family sucks…wife drives me crazy at times, the old man rags on me constantly, trying to still run the damn company…even my kids are assholes!” he sighed. “I have no idea how it could be worse!”

“Does your sex life suck  too?” Elaine asked, grinning.

Wayne looked embarrassed, but said, “Of course… why should it be any better than anything else?”

Elaine considered this a moment, toying with her glass.

“Why do you think you’ve ended up where you are?” she asked, not commenting further about his sex life. Wayne shifted position, trying to get more comfortable.

“I don’t know! Maybe I’ve pissed off God!” he said and laughed. Elaine watched him, resting her chin on her hand.

“Maybe you have!” she said, sounding calm and precise. This startled Wayne, but before he could reply, Elaine erupted into laughter.

“You feel guilty enough to actually think that, don’t you? What are you guilty about!” she demanded. He was again surprised by her insight.

“Mostly…how much I hate my life! It feels…wrong to be so bitter and…miserable! I’m healthy…have a wife and family…stand to inherit a successful, multimillion dollar business…”

“But you’re not happy with any of that…are you? Why?” she countered. Wayne shrugged, took a drink, and stared at her several seconds.

“I did everything I could to avoid this…I worked for dad when I was in high school…he was even more of an asshole back then!” he said grinning. “I made up my mind…I was going to college, and going to start my own business…one that had nothing to do with masonry or contracting!”

“Did you get to try that?” she wondered.

“Yeah…after working for several others for fifteen years, I managed to scrape up some money, and opened a small home furnishing store,” he replied.

“Why that?” she asked, curious.

“I got a degree in interior design…I did design work, as well as selling stuff.”

“Really? Are you secretly gay? Or was that the problem…you aren’t?” she teased.

“You don’t have to be gay to be a designer!” he hissed at her. Elaine laughed at his response.

“Don’t be so touchy! I’m just teasing…oh! This is part of what the guys give you crap about all the time…isn’t it?!” she declared, excitedly. Wayne’s stony appearance answered her question wordlessly.

“So…what happened?” she asked softly, touching his arm gently. He shrugged, shaking his head.

“I was undercapitalized…short on money! I got away with it for a while…when business was fairly good, but when it slowed down…I was short…the IRS got most of it,” he said, his bitterness still sharp. “I filed bankruptcy. That’s when the old man made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” he said, grimacing.

“How’d your wife take all this?” Elaine wondered.

“She spent too much money, when we needed to keep it…whined and cried about filing bankruptcy, even though it was either that…or make payments for a thousand years! She insisted I go to work for the business…so we’d have money.” he said.

“That’s why you have issues with her! You blame her…for you being miserable! She doesn’t see it that way…does she?” Elaine thought to ask.

“Hardly! She thinks she’s a victim of my foolish optimism and wishful thinking!” he replied.

“She thinks you’re ungrateful about taking over the family business, doesn’t she?”

“You amaze me! She’s told me that a dozen times!” he proclaimed, half astounded. They sat quietly a bit, drinking.

“Have you been married?” Wayne asked.

“No…but I’ve had the honeymoon night a few times!” she admitted, before laughing loudly. This amused Wayne.

“You’ve got quite a sense of humor….I can use a lot of that, the way my life is these days.”

Elaine scooted her chair closer to Wayne, so she could more easily touch him. Leaning close, she whispered, “I’ve got something else you need lots of!” she declared, winking at him, and wiggling her butt on the seat suggestively. His mouth again dropped open.

“Are you serious? You’d…you’d…” he hesitated to say what he was thinking, afraid he might be interpreting her incorrectly.

“Sleep with the boss?” she said, grinning widely. She giggled, leaning close. Wayne was captivated by her bright blue eyes, was barely aware of her finger tips raking his thigh suggestively. “I told you I was working on my job security…you aren’t anywhere near crazy enough to fire your mistress, are you?” she suggested, managing to look seductive and innocent simultaneously.



Elaine brushed her sweaty hair back from her face, propped up on her elbow where she could look at Wayne. They were naked, in her bed, having just had an urgent, intense session of sex. It had been almost a clothes ripping off, fuck or die on the spot sort of act, which generated a quick sheen of sweat and some loud moans, before they reached their orgasms, and collapsed together, winded and ecstatic.

“Pussy’s good for what ails you!” she teased, leaning close to kiss him suggestively. “You want more…don’t you?” she softly asked, lips still almost touching.

“How’d you guess?” he spoke playfully.

“Probably it’s your fingers rubbing my wet pussy!” she suggested, and laughed. This delighted Wayne.

“I love your laughter….I haven’t heard much of that in ages…” he sighed, falling silent, overwhelmed by his emotions.


They had stayed at the bar nearly two hours, having more to drink, and eating dinner. Wayne had used the time to really look closely at Elaine, finally seeing her as a woman and not just as a fixture at the office. She had been at the company almost two years, had nearly quit, before he arrived, and had only stayed because she was well paid. She had found several of the employees to be annoying, and frankly assholes. That did not include Wayne, when he arrived, lost and clueless. The fact that he had overlooked her femaleness had disappointed her, but made her more determined than ever to be noticed, hence her current, direct effort.

Wayne, when he took stock of her, sitting close at the bar, discovered a shapely young woman, well endowed with both ample breasts and a wickedly enticing rear end. Her blue eyes seemed especially large and expressive, and she was not only cute, but also blessed with a very fine repertoire of expressions, including the most dazzling smile. He quickly found himself entertaining thoughts of getting her naked, especially in light of her comment about being a mistress.

She’s probably just teasing me! Why would she be interested in me…I’ve got baggage….wife and kids. Is it the money? Maybe she wants to own a contracting business!  He considered this, as they ate with little conversation. For fifty cents, I’d give it to her…especially if I can get in her pants!

Wayne chuckled at this idea, and had looked up, to find Elaine gazing at him.

“Something’s funny?” she wondered, smiling. This left him awkwardly stuck, hesitant to admit to his own thoughts. Elaine was having none of his evasions.

“Ah, ah! Tell me! No secrets! Not if you want to sleep with me!” she goaded him. This shocked him, as well as leaving him embarrassed. He finally took a deep breath, and told her what he had been thinking, half expecting to get slapped. Instead she smiled.

“You know…you aren’t that old? Forty two? I don’t really like guys my own age!”

“So you’ve…what…dated older men?” he asked, curious. Elaine leaned close, to avoid anyone overhearing her.

“I was sixteen, the first time I slept with a guy…he was thirty…my math teacher!” she declared, looking more proud than guilty.

“Really? You got away with that?”

“All year! I got a B in math too!” she said, and erupted in giggles. When she had regained some of her composure, she looked at him intently. “Thirty minus sixteen is exactly the same as forty two minus twenty eight…fourteen years. See…he did teach me some math! Do I seem too young for you?” she demanded. He shook his head.

“Good! Does your wife help you with the business?” she suddenly asked. This upended his train of thought completely.

“H…hardly! But you know that!” he sighed.

“Sure I do…who does help you?” she asked slyly, toying with her food, before glancing at him.

“You do…” he whispered, suddenly guessing where she was headed.

“Then doesn’t it make since for you to reward the one who does help you?” she suggested.

“And the one who sleeps with me too?” he wondered.

“That is kinda what mistresses do…isn’t it?” she inquired, smiling radiantly.

“But can you stay a mistress?” he wondered. Elaine considered this several minutes, eating a bit more. When she finally spoke, it was to again shock him.

“I can probably stay a mistress longer than you can stand for me to just be a mistress!” she declared.

“And what would I want you to be, if not a mistress?” he wondered, brows furrowed.

“Your wife…the naughty, new and young one!” she purred, and laughed as his mouth dropped open again.

He sat a bit, his mind inundated by all the dire consequences that would likely accompany turning a mistress into a wife, especially since he was married to another wife. Elaine watched him wordlessly, before touching him gently.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself! We might not even like each other!” she suggested.

“You think that’s likely?”

“No…I think we’re going to go screw ourselves half to death this evening! I’ve been just dying to get you to notice me and my cute ass for weeks!” she complained.

“Oh…I’ve not been paying attention,” he admitted.

“Don’t I know it! I almost came to work naked a couple of times!” she laughed. She looked slightly guilty, nibbling on her lower lip. “Care to guess how many times I wore a garter belt and stockings, with no panties, just hoping I’d get you to notice?” she asked. Wayne found himself staring, again surprised.


“You bet! A good boss might require his secretary to wear that all the time, and to take advantage of her bare bottom, especially when he’s upset and needs to calm down!” she suggested playfully. Wayne shook his head.

“Pinch me…I must be dreaming!” he sighed. “Are you sure you don’t have any wicked plans…no sneaky, female plot to slip into my life, and ruin me?”

“Oh, I’m going to ruin you alright! But in a nice, sexy way. I’m not interested in making you my slave…well…just a bit enslaved to my furry friend!” she assured him and laughed delightedly. “I can’t help but do that…I’m a girl! But I’m pretty sure that’s a two way street! I’ve been waiting a long time for the right man.” she suggested. Wayne sat, staring, astounded by her comments. Finally, he thought of a response.

“What makes me look like Mr. Right? You don’t know all that much about me!” he suggested. Elaine shrugged slightly.

“Female intuition!” she declared and giggled.  “Look…I’ve been observing you every day for months, while you were ignoring me! Certain things are pretty apparent. One…you’re a very nice man…kind, pleasant, clearly well educated. Two…you aren’t inclined to be mean or a bully… don’t treat your employees like dirt, even though a couple of them need to be! Three…you’re quite handsome and sexy, but clueless that you are…which makes you not the least conceited. And four…even though you didn’t act like you noticed me…at least that I was a hot, sexy woman…you’ve been very nice and affectionate. I figure once you see me naked, you’ll really worship me!” she declared, acting haughty and self absorbed a moment, before erupting in peels of laughter. Wayne joined her, delighted by her sneaky humor.

I’d be hard pressed to say no to her…even if I wanted to!  Wayne thought, watching her as he had another drink of his beer. She seems so alive…so eager! Haven’t seen much of that for way too long! he realized, knowing he would take his chances, and see what happened.


The first step along that path came as they left the bar, when they were outside.

“Now what?” he asked, not sure how far she was really inclined to go at the moment.

“Well, we can each go home alone and be miserable alone, or you can follow me to my place, and we can be friendly!” she suggested, touching his chest with her hand, and standing almost close enough to kiss.

“How friendly?” he whispered, mesmerized by her large eyes.

“Naked and sweaty?” she asked. “Is that friendly enough?” Wayne had nodded slightly, and they had kissed, a soft and eager trial one, that promised more wicked sorts to come.


When he walked into her apartment, he was pleasantly surprised to find it neat and orderly. Seeing his gaze, she wasted no time in questioning him.

“Better or worse than you expected?” she demanded.

“Very nice! I wasn’t sure what it would be like…although you’re very tidy at work…well organized…” he awkwardly fell silent as she laughed.

“You thought my apartment would be a mess because I’m slutty?” she replied, putting her hands on her hips and trying to look stern.  Wayne found himself reluctant to even reply.

“Maybe I did…” he finally sighed. They were interrupted by the arrival of a huge, bushy, longhaired cat, which leaped up on the small dinning table, and meowed, demanding attention.

“Furball! You’re being a bad kitty!” she halfheartedly scolded the cat, petting it before picking it up.

“Here…you have to pet my kitty!” she insisted, turning to Wayne, to present the animal.

“Which one?” he reflexively asked, grinning.

“Both of them…but Furball first, or he won’t leave me alone long enough for you to get my clothes off…he’s spoiled!”

“Is the other kitty spoiled too?” he asked suggestively.

“It wants to be! Why do you think you’re here?” she asked, smiling slyly. “I can pet this kitty just fine by myself. It’s the other one that needs your attention!”

After putting her cat down, and filling his food bowl, to keep him occupied, she turned her attention back to Wayne.

“Now it’s the other kitty’s turn!” she smugly suggested, stepping close, and slipping into his arms. They kissed passionately several minutes, with Wayne’s hands caressing her butt, before she released him, and taking his hand, tugged him towards the bedroom door.

“Come with me! I put clean sheets on the bed, and they need to be broken in!” she proclaimed.

“That’s your excuse for getting busy?” he chuckled.

Elaine shut the door, more to keep the cat out than for any need for privacy. She stepped around him, and turned her back, unzipping her skirt, and letting it slide to the floor. This displayed her lush rear, as well as the garter belt and stockings she was wearing. Wayne could see no sign of any panties, and as he slid his hands over her soft bottom, she looked over her shoulder, grinning.

“My mother never told me a woman needed an excuse!” she whispered breathlessly.