The Magical Realm of Jack Bessie



Jack’s realm is a place filled with beautiful words and images, where you can wander endlessly, finding new and inspiring things. Here are a few of the places you can visit and find refuge from the drudgery of your daily life!

This page has links that will take you to all the places where you can start to get acquainted!


Feature books

Jack has 15 novels published and awaiting your exploration. They are available in all digital formats.  Follow the link here to go explore all of them, and to be directed to where you can get your own copies!

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Jack has a new blog on Tumblr that’s filled with fun, insightful, funny, snide and inspiring posts, both words and photo based. Put it under favorites so you can visit frequently, as he puts up new stuff 6 days a week.

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Features WP blogIf you aren’t signed up for Tumblr, then check out Jack’s Word Press blog! This page is in the middle of that very thing, so you’ve got no excuse not to check it out! The link below will send you to the main posting page, and from there, all the pages listed on the right side are yours to rummage through. The archives are packed with Bessie-isms, Quotables and goodies too! Check out samples of upcoming books, meet a selection of Jack’s author friends, and have some fun!

Zip over and explore!


Feature Wattpad

You can find loads of Jack’s short stories and weird humor writing on the writers platform Wattpad.  It only takes a minute to sign up, and fully access a zillion writers, both indies and mainstream, who post lots of free stuff ! Follow the link to get to Jack’s works, and have at it!     Go To:


Feature Facebook There’s always something crazy on Jack’s Facebook pages as well as notices of events, promotions, photo posts like this, and things from his writer friends. Friend, follow and message your butt off. Unlike some writers, Jack will actually answer questions and respond to fans! He mentors and helps beginners also, so don’t be bashful! But even if you just want some wicked entertainment, drop in and check it out!



Feature WebsiteHis main website is now part of his Word Press blog!  It’s filled with features, cool pages and all sorts of personal goodies. The Duct Tape for the Soul Blog is a part of it too, as well as descriptions of all his books. Lots to see and read, and it doesn’t cost you a dime!

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Every month two different of Jack’s digital books are available for download in any format you need to read on the device of your choice!  Get copies for yourself, and don’t hesitate to grab copies for friends or family!

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Jack has 11 boards on Pinterest, and the Beautiful Stuff one has over 3000 pins!  Go check them out, and see what he finds beautiful, cute, inspiring, of interest and fun!

He just added Victorian Architecture and Stained Glass to his Steampunk, Fantasy Art, Amazing Art and other Boards!

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This is a multi-page collection of snide, satirical, and humor writings. Lots of strange things to kill time and have fun with!

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