Duct Tape for the Soul for July 29, 2014

You Get More MIracles Than You Probably Deserve.

You get disappointed when you pray for Divine aid, for a miracle, and you don’t get squat, don’t you? It seems like God is pretty chintzy about miracles , yes? Oh, you have absolutely no chance of seeing one if you’re trying to violate the laws of His universe, or if you’re trying to negate your own laziness.

You aren’t getting one when you’re trying to avoid the hard work necessary to actually learn something either, nor to avoid the consequences of your own stupidity or poor choices! God isn’t letting you slide by as a shifty weasel. He isn’t screwing over someone else to do you a favor either!

Now in spite of this, you are accorded a lot of miracles on an almost daily basis. That creaky biological machine that you abuse and neglect wakes up each day, giving you a fresh chanc e to learn something, and not be a complete loser! He also doesn’t just strike you dead on the spot, for being the horrid turd you normally are either! That’s not just miraculous, that frankly amazing!

Face it, if you were God, you’d fry your butt in a second! If nothing else, you benefit from a truely miraculous amount of patience from God. Instead of constanty praying, (which mostly looks like begging, not prayer), for a miracle, you’d look a lot wiser to be asking for some motivation and guidence, to make better decisions and choices. If’d you’d go down that path, you’d be in need of a lot fewer miracles! Just a suggestion.


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