Weird and Funky Odds and Ends

Jack writes some strange things! Some are funny, some snide and satirical, some are just…well, you decide. Below is the list of pages and a bit of what they are. Sorta…

Hacke me off page photoTHINGS THAT HACK ME OFF!

Everybody gets annoyed at stupid people, events and other  of life’s trials. I made a nice, snotty list of mine just because I could! See how many we have in common!

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Cats are…well, catty. And difficult, picky, obnoxious and a royal pain much of the time! They look and act like they think you’re their servant, and that’s what you end up being mostly.  Still, when they’re happy, and have been properly catered to, they will occasionally purr and be friendly. Looking at mine, I came up with these things that I imagine they’re really thinking. It’s not a pretty sight….

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CELEBUTUDE!     16860019_l

For all their ignorance and failure, Celebrities are an endless source of pathetic amusement 

As much as I use them as source material for humor and ridicule, I still despise their horrid sense of self-importance. This feature will give you a nice display of how much fun I’m willing to have at their expense!

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15693404_l         97 THINGS NEVER TO SAY TO A WOMAN.

I’d never accuse women of being overly sensitive, or touchy, God forbid, but there are some things that if uttered, especially by a male, will cause a serious fit 99.99% of the time. Men learn some of them the hard way, but being the helpful guy I am, I decided to just list a good sample so my poor, slow male friends won’t have to spend as much time in the doghouse. Maybe.

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     HIPPIE/BOOMER TERMS                                                     40435104_l

I’m a boomer, and yes, Virginia, I was a hippie! Naturally, when I started pay my own college tuition, my hippieness went down the crapper pretty fast. I got really tired of the sanctimonious BS about “Saving the planet” and all the other hippie nonsense.  Most of us joined the real world long ago, but some are still showing the signs of that ignorance. This feature will give you a pretty amusing idea how I feel about all that!


better idiot


I started doing these for my Facebook pages, but now post them here in the blog, and on my Tumblr blog. Some are inspiring, some are wickedly snide and sarcastic, some funny.  This page gives you a nice sample to scroll through!

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This is a page where I toss up odds and ends, bits and pieces of writing and what have you. I add and delete when I get the notion, but not on a regular basis.


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